At Reece & associates, inc., we will meet with you to create the most efficient and cost-effective plan to meet your development goals. We work through your project objectives to design a layout that meets local regulations and is buildable within you budget and schedule. As part of the permitting process, we can assist with land use issues such as zoning, wetlands, trees, floodplains, and environmental assessments. In our full specturm of civil engineering design and construction services, we prepare construction documents, conduct on-site inspections, process pay requests and change orders, and assemble the documentation to close out the project. At R&a we will work with you from conception to completion.

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Land Use Planning

Construction Management

Land Use Planning


R&a  provides land use planning and zoning services to landowners as well as development firms.

Civil Design

Construction Management

Land Use Planning


R&a  provides civil consulting and design services to the commercial and residential construction industry. 

Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management


From contractor selection through final inspection, R&a will ensure your project runs smoothly.


Project Planning

R&a works closely with local officials, designers, surveyors, and a variety of specialists to secure up front project approvals and entitlements. We are prepared to:

  • Fill out applications, prepare maps and other exhibits.
  • Prepare the burden of proof that addresses the decision criteria.
  • Assist with public involvement and meeting facilitation.
  • Undertake policy or regulatory evaluation and analysis.
  • Conduct pre-development planning and feasibility studies.

Feasibility Studies


To understand the issues a developer or landowner may face, Reece & Associates will prepare due diligence and feasibility studies. 

Initially we will meet with you to identify a scope of work, budget and deadline for the study. Employing our broad experience in land development, we will explore land use issues pertaining to zoning, natural hazards, and natural features. Our technical staff can provide preliminary designs for highest and best use. We will prepare recommendations for sequencing analysis of the site and design of the project, including milestones to guage the progress of the project. We will assemble a consultant team to address specialized issues such as wetlands, soil stability, and traffic. Finally, we will estimate a project budget and timeline to complete the project.


Engineering and Drafting Services

R&a staff have extensive experience working with the staff of ODOT, DEQ, DSL, Oregon Health Authority, and US Army Corps of Engineers.  The R&a team works tirelessly to keep open lines of communication with the client, agencies and contractors.  

We are committed to the success of our clients by providing superior service and quality design while enhancing our communities and personal lives.  At Reece & associates we strive to create neighborhoods, not just subdivisions. We find opportunities to make each new development a desirable place to call home. 

Reece & Associates provides civil consulting and design services to the commercial and residential construction industry in areas such as:

  • Project Definition
  • Feasibility and economic analysis
  • System Planning
  • Civil engineering design and documentation
  • Storm water and wetland analysis
  • Grading and erosion control plans
  • Utility coordination

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Contractor Selection

David Reece and Michael Riccitelli use their comprehensive experience in project management, infrastructure rehabilitation, commercial site planning and design to assist you in contractor selection services.  We can assist in advertising and reviewing bids or proposals for the construction of your project.  Some of our services include:

  • Request for proposals
  • Cost Comparison Analysis
  • Providing Alternatives for Value Engineering
  • Project Scheduling
  • Progress review

Construction Phase Inspections

 The R&a approach to construction management is quite rigorous. R&a can provide site observation services and regular documentation of the construction activities, quantities, equipment used, weather conditions, crew numbers and safety concerns. We will document the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the Contractor, subcontractors, and suppliers at all tiers.  

R&a  can provide quality assurance for water, sewer, ADA ramp and other civil installations.  Additionally, our engineers are trained and certified in erosion control inspection (CESCL) and can ensure your project meets and exceeds state water quality standards.

We always use easy-to-track Transmittal and Site Observation Forms for project documentation. R&a’s correspondence can include Meeting Minutes and Request for Information Forms. We interface with your design team and contractors. We participate in meetings, as required, to ensure program requirements and milestones are met throughout the duration of the project.